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Vegetable Gardening - What to Plant in September

  • 1 min read

Vegetable Gardening - What to Plant in September

September is generally known as peak harvest time, yet vegetables can still be sown this month. Temperatures begin to decline this month, so your September planting of seedlings needs protection.  Crops are best sown in a cold frame, greenhouse and under fleece and cloches. 

Sown Indoors

Spring cabbages can still be sown. These are best started off in Rootrainers to promote strong and vigorous root systems.

Herbs, chili plants and microgreens can be grown indoors on a windowsill now to provide fragrance and nutrients throughout autumn and the colder months.

Sown Outdoors

Leafy greens such as salad leaves, Spinach and Bok Choy can be sown directly now and will yield harvests throughout autumn and into winter. Spinach can be sown directly or in pots, but will need to be covered with a Fleece Tunnel or Cloches towards the end of the month.

Now is also a good time to sow Lamb’s Lettuce, it is a hardy vegetable which can be harvested throughout autumn and winter.

Broad beans can be sown this month which will enable them to establish over autumn and winter for harvesting the following year in spring. During harsh weather and hard frosts these plants will need to be protected with a Fleece Blanket.

Hardy varieties of peas can also be sown this month to overwinter for an early crop next year.

Turnips do well in cool and moist weather and can be sown on bare soil this month, and can be ready to harvest in time for Christmas.

This month is the last chance to direct sow radish for autumn cropping.

Towards the end of the month garlic and autumn onion sets can be planted.

Enjoy your September Planting! 

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