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Product Bites - Easy Net Tunnels

  • 2 min read

Product Bites - Easy Net Tunnels

Easy Net Tunnels - the only tunnel with shade netting

Why do I need a Plant Protection Net for plants?

Garden shade netting is becoming more and more important as the climate warms.  Extreme temperatures mean plants may scorch, if the correct plant protection isn't in place, so here is the easy to use solution to that problem.  As well as protecting crops from sun, harsh wind, heavy rain and hail, the Easy Net Tunnel can save your crops from being eaten.  You can use it as butterfly netting to keep butterflies off cabbages.  Strawberry netting to provide protection from birds including pigeons and chickens.  Or netting for plants like lettuce that fall prey to rabbits, rodents, cats and dogs.

What are Easy Net Tunnels?

Easy Net Tunnels are plant protection for crops grown in rows.  They are manufactured from UV stabilized, high density 5mm mesh polythene and rust resistant galvanized steel hoops, so will last.

What crop are they for?

They’re ideal for any crop that you want to protect from birds and pests such as Arugula, Cabbage, Carrots, Cauliflower, Lettuce, Onions, Radishes and Strawberries.

Where can I use Easy Net Tunnels?

You can use these garden netting tunnels anywhere on your plot - they are the ideal garden netting for a vegetable patch or fruit netting for strawberries.  

What's so special about them?

As with all Haxnicks Easy Tunnels™, the Easy Net ones are super quick and easy to use. Wrestling with netting for the garden is not something any gardener enjoys, so this takes all the hassle out of protecting your plants. 

Standard size, Length 118” x Width 18” x Height 12”

Giant size, Length 118” x Width 24” x Height 18”

The Easy Net Tunnels have drawstring ends, allowing gardeners to control the ventilation in the tunnel by closing the ends, this also allows the full extent of the tunnel to be used, giving greater value for money. Watering can be carried out directly through the net.

Our 3 meter tunnels are not 3 meters at all! The length between the 2 end hoops is 3 meters, but due to the drawstring ends and our generous nature, the standard size measures 3.6m and the Giant Easy Net Tunnel almost 4m long. For gardeners that means more plants in the row.

A customer favorite for many years, the Haxnicks Easy Tunnels and Easy Net have been a continuous feature of the grow-your-own scene, receiving excellent reviews and making regular appearances in the gardening press.

So when you are organizing your greenhouse shading don't forget to sort the netting fabric for the other vegetables on your plot too.

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