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The Magic of Vigoroot

  • 1 min read

The Magic of Vigoroot

Plants in Vigoroot pots need more water to support their vigorous growth. Scientists report that growing plants in a pot made of a porous fabric like Vigoroot gives you stronger, healthier plants. 


Plant roots in a normal pot become root bound. Growth is restricted and yields are limited. Less nutrients are absorbed and larger pots are needed.Vigoroot root tips are air-pruned and develop strong, fibrous root systems. More nutrients are absorbed and the plant has greater resistance to harsh weather, disease and pests.


Air Pruning

What happens in these pots is a process called 'air pruning'. It is a process that changes the way the roots form, giving healthier, more vigorous roots. They won't grow too long or result in a 'pot bound' plant. So what you get is a larger, healthier potted plant. 


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