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Sunbubble - the innovative greenhouse

  • 1 min read

Sunbubble - the innovative greenhouse

What is the Sunbubble?   

Sunbubble is a stylish, original dome shaped plant house, which can be used as a ‘seasonal’ greenhouse, outdoor dining area, play area or as frost protection for your plants.

The Sunbubble is made from UV stabilized PVC and flexible fiberglass rods and can be put up or taken down with ease and stored in the included storage bag.

What crop is the Sunbubble for?

The Sunbubble creates a warm environment for your plants, warming quicker than traditional greenhouses and it isn't just for your tomatoes, you can grow everything you would normally grow in a greenhouse including a wider range of exotic plants.

What is so special about the Sunbubble?

The curved shape of the Sunbubble means that the surface stays at 90° to the direction of the sun all day long, achieving minimum reflection and maximum penetration of light. This has a dramatic effect on the plants as it creates the optimum growing environment. Growing seasons can be greatly extended.

This versatile garden shelter is available in two sizes: Standard (9’ 2”D x 6’ 5”H) and Large (11’ 5”D x 7’ 2”H)

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