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Product Bites - Light-Booster Plant Houses & Cold Frame

  • 1 min read

Product Bites - Light-Booster Plant Houses & Cold Frame

What are Light Booster Plant Houses:

Light-boosters have a silver foil back panel that reflects light directly onto plants, increasing overall light levels by up to 70%. They protect plants from frost and harsh weather.  Side vents covered in Micromesh prevent overheating, while double zipped doors provide easy access to the plants inside.

Made from powder coated steel frames with tough plastic joints.  Extra thick covers made from tough, long-lasting woven fabric, thick clear PVC and sturdy zippers.

What crop are they for:

Ideal for growing a wide variety of plants in pots and seed trays.  Grow vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers.

Where can I use them:

The light-boosters can be kept anywhere that they will get some sun - on your back porch, patio or balcony.

What's so special about them?

Avoid spindly ‘leggy’ seedlings which can be weak and vulnerable.  Enable the propagation and development of a variety of exotic plants that require higher levels of light than are normally available in many areas. 

Increased photosynthesis produces faster growth and more abundant, healthier plants.  Young plants establish earlier in the spring season and the autumn growing season is also extended.

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