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February Planting and To-Do List

  • 1 min read

February Planting and To-Do List

Sowing Indoors 

Peas, tomato, and cucumber seeds can be sown towards the end of the month and kept in a greenhouse or windowsill. 

Chili plants and peppers can still be sown this month in Rootrainers and placed on a windowsill.

Some gardeners direct sow their broad beans and parsnips towards the end of this month but it may be best to keep them under cover until temperatures start to increase next month. Those living in milder areas can sow spring onion, carrots, beets, peas, salad, and spinach under cloches or a poly tunnel. Soil needs to be light, sandy, and not waterlogged, otherwise it is best to wait another month or so or sow undercover in a greenhouse or on a windowsill.


To-Do List

- If you have been storing bulbs, corms, or tubers, continue to check them to make sure that they are neither rotting nor totally drying out.

- You should at least start thinking about pruning trees and shrubs before they start coming out of dormancy, although you have all next month to get to this if you do not get to it now.

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