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Product Bites - Light-Booster Plant Houses

  • 1 min read

Product Bites - Light-Booster Plant Houses

Light-Booster Plant House

What is the Light-Booster Plant House? 

The Light-Boosters have tough, foiled, fabric back panels that reflect light directly back onto plants.  They can be used to extend your growing season as the extra light means that young plants establish earlier in the spring season and the warmth provided by the cover allows growing to continue into the autumn.  The frame is made from a powder coated steel frame with tough plastic joints. Its extra thick cover made of long-lasting woven fabric, thick clear PVC and sturdy zippers.  They come in three sizes.

What crop are they for?

It can be used throughout the season for a variety of plants including:

  • Over-wintering taller plants 
  • Hardening-off seedlings and young plants before planting out
  • Temporary greenhouse in spring for pots and trays
  • Double Zipped door provides easy access to plants inside
  • Shade and wind protection during warmer months

Where can I use the Light-Boosters?

Use them on a Patio or against a wall or shed.  They can be moved during the season to provide protection wherever needed.  

What's so special about the Light-Boosters?

The foiled, fabric back panels reflect light directly back onto plants, increasing overall light levels by up to 50%. The increased photosynthesis produces faster growth and more abundant, healthier plants.  It also avoids spindly seedlings which can be weak and vulnerable.

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