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May Planting

  • 2 min read

May Planting

Hopefully the worst of the weather has passed, and the last frost will have come and gone. Lots of plants sown last month can be planted out now once they have been hardened off, including zucchini and sweetcorn.

Vegetables to sow indoors or undercover in May

This month is the last time to sow sweetcorn as they require plenty of time to ripen and grow. For a super strong root system sow in Rootrainers and plant out later or use Easy Seedling Tunnels for protection outdoors.

May is a perfect time to start sowing coriander into pots of good quality multi-purpose compost, and keeping them on a warm, sunny windowsill.

Vegetables to sow directly in May

Zucchini can still be planted this month and do well either sown directly or in containers.

Fennel is perfect for sowing now. It does not like root disturbance so either sow into Rootrainers to establish strong roots or sow directly into well prepared garden soil. Fennel is particularly partial to fertile soil in a sheltered spot.

Sow snap beans–also called green beans– now in Rootrainers or trays of good quality compost. Alternatively, they can be sown directly right up until mid-July.  These tender annuals are best planted shortly after the last frost in spring. Snap beans are grown for fresh eating or for canning. The color of snap beans can vary. Green beans are green but other snap beans can be yellow, purple, or speckled depending on the variety.

If you sowed Brussels sprouts traditionally in a seed bed in April, from now until early June, is the time to transplant them to their final growing spot.  Brussels sprouts need somewhere both sunny and sheltered from harsh winds. 

Sow turnips in spring for an early summer harvest and use; direct sow in the garden 5 to 4 weeks before the last frost in spring. Start a second crop in late summer for winter storage and use.

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