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Small Silver Metal Storage Shed for Garden and Backyard

This 4' 7" wide, 6' 5.5" high at the back and 5' 9" high at the door and 2' 4.4" deep Aussie Made fully engineered metal storage Shed kit is an ideal out of sight down the side of the house Garden Shed. Shed has a single 2' 1" wide swing door, open floor, no windows.  The shed provides protection for garden tools, kids toys, outdoor cushions, BBQ grills, firewood, mowers, pool supplies, animal feed, etc. The shed is made from paintable (optional) galvanized steel with easy access from a single wide front swing door and extra tall interior.  The shed comes in kit form to reduce cost of transport and includes everything you need for assembly except tools (power drill, and bit). When following the assembly instructions closely, it will take around 6 to 8 hours to assemble. The shed must be installed on a flat level surface, this can be a concrete slab or compacted ground. Concrete anchor bolts  are included. In high wind areas we do recommend the shed be attached to a wall or fence. In coastal areas where salt levels in the air are high, we do suggest a regular wash down to remove salt from the painted surface. Our steel sheds have a 15-Year Conditional Warranty.  Instructions and Warranty information can be found at 

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