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Deep Rootrainers

Better roots mean better plants every time. Discover the secret of Deep Rootrainers! Grooved cell design directs main root to grow straight down towards the large drainage opening. Unique design allows "air pruning" for optimum root formation. Root dies when it hits the air promoting new healthy root growth. 32 reusable cells 5" deep complete with holding tray and propagating lid. Use with seeds seedlingsor cuttings - perfect for nearly all plants! Avoid pot-bound plants - cells open for easy removal of plugs & damage-free roots. Store flat & reuse year after year. Green color for easier recylcing. For nearly 20 years the Haxnicks company has been designing and manufacturing innnovative garden care and plant protection products for their customers in England. Tierra Garden is proud to offer this distinctive line in the United States! Product: 14.75"W x 9"D x 3.5"H 1lb. Pack: 14.6"W x 8.7"D x 8.7"H. Pack Size: 1

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