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7" Dots Round Self-Watering Bamboo Pot

Worlds first Bamboo Fiber self-watering pot this 7" Dots Round self-watering pot is made from sustainable biodegradable all natural Bamboo Fiber and corn starch. Plants thrive in this natural Bamboo Fiber pot that is plastic free. The soil is better aerated by the unique water well in the base allowing better nutrient management helping the plants grow healthy and strong. These pots should be treated like ceramic suitable for use in hot or cold climates inside or outside. At initial planting water from the top until water is just below the overflow. Then periodically check the water level in the base and add water to the well from the bottom access or from the top of the pot. The soil draws water up from the well as needed using capillary action just like a wick. No more overwatering strong healthy plants is the result! Everyone gets a "green thumb" growing in bamboo pots and just by keeping water in the well! When you are finished with your pot just break it up and put into your compost bin. Over time the material will degrade back to nature.

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