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14.5" Green Compost Caddy w/Replacement Filters and Biodegradable Bags

This is an essential for all who compost their kitchen waste. Sturdy yet lightweight Jumbo Kitchen Compost Caddy is made of recycled plastic. Has a tight fitting lid with a charcoal filter lasts up to 4-months to neutralize odors. Generous 8 Gal. capacity will save trips to the composter only add waste to the composter when the caddy is full. Composting is great for the garden and the environment. Compost improves soil adds nutrients for plants helps soil retain water and reduces the need for expensive fertilizers. Kit includes caddy biodegradable caddy bags 10 bags and replacement odor filters pack of 6 Suitable materials for composting are vegetable and fruit peelings egg shells tea leaves coffee grounds and cut flowers do not include meat and fish scraps or dairy products

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