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Product Bites - Extra Thick Fleece Blanket

  • 1 min read

Product Bites - Extra Thick Fleece Blanket

Extra Thick Fleece Blanket – protects from frost and harsh weather

What are Fleece Blankets?

The Haxnicks Extra-Thick Fleece Blanket is part of our range of durable and reusable plant protection fabrics, which can be put in place in a matter of minutes. The blanket is lightweight, breathable and soft.

It can be quickly laid over tender crops and easily secured using either pegs or heavy stones around the edges.

Extra Thick Fleece Blanket

What crop are they used for?

The Fleece Blanket provides effective, organic protection for any fruits and vegetables, pre-warming soil to extend growing season by up to 6 weeks.

Where can I use them?

Haxnicks Fleece Blankets can be used to protect vegetable patches against cold temperatures through winter and can also be used with containers on patios and balconies or even in greenhouses.

What’s so special about them?

The Fleece blanket comes in a pre-cut sheet (1.8mx10m) so that there is no need for the management and cutting of bulk rolls.

The blanket has a soft green tint which, provides shade, and blends better with the garden than traditional white fleece.  Allows air, moisture and sunlight to filter through, so no need to remove it for watering.

The extra-thick 35gsm fleece is double the weight of the usual bulk roll fleece giving plants the best possible frost protection and insulation from cold in a single layer.

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