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Product Bites - Easy Poly Tunnel & Giant Easy Poly Tunnel

  • 2 min read

Product Bites - Easy Poly Tunnel & Giant Easy Poly Tunnel

What are Easy Poly Tunnels:

Easy Poly Tunnels are like a mini Poly Tunnel that help you extend your growing season at both ends.  They provide protection from harsh weather, animals and pests and are made from long lasting materials, so can be used year after year.

Our 3m tunnels are not 3m at all! The length between the 2 end hoops is 3m but due to the drawstring ends and our generous nature the standard size measures 3.6m and the giant almost 4m long. Many competitors are far less generous and can be up to 25% shorter.

They are quick and Easy to use as they open like an accordion, folding away neatly after use for storage.

Easy Poly Tunnel

As well as allowing the full growing space to be used the drawstring ends also give variable ventilation in the tunnel so ideal growing conditions can be maintained.

What crop are they for:

They are one of the most versatile bits of kit in the garden and can be used for virtually any vegetable growing. So everything from your vegetable seedlings to your border will enjoy the warm protected environment of the Easy Poly tunnel.

Where can I use them:

They are suitable to use all over the garden. Simply push into the soil where required. 

What's so special about them?

One of the advantages of these particular tunnels is that they do not need ground pegs. As with all Haxnicks tunnels, peg the steel hoops straight into the ground to keep the tunnel firmly in place.

Another major advantage is that after use the tunnels fold up neatly for storage. It you keep the original packaging then you can just fold them flat and hang on a nail in the shed until they are needed again next season.

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