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Product Bites - Deep Rootrainers

  • 1 min read

Product Bites - Deep Rootrainers

Deep Rootrainers for great plant starts

What are Deep Rootrainers?

Rootrainers are innovative planting cells. They are the perfect start for nearly all plants and especially those that are sensitive to disturbance and require deep root runs. Ideal for seeds, seedlings, plugs and cuttings, they require less compost than ordinary pots. There are 32 cells which come in openable 'books' so that the seedlings can be planted out without disturbing the roots. The cells fit snuggly into a tray and there is a clear plastic lid that can be used as a drip tray to water and then flipped over to turn the set up into a mini propagator.

What crop are they for?

Deep Rootrainers are perfect for plants that have deep roots like beans, pumpkins, tomatoes and sweet peas. They are the most common ones used by vegetable growers.

Where can I use them?

They are great for the greenhouse, a windowsill or with the lid on they can act as a mini-greenhouse if you want to use them outside. 

Rootrainer Racking Station

What's so special about them?

Strong straight roots are a fundamental requirement of healthy and successful growth. The rectangular shape provides a greater surface area and the grooves allow more roots to develop on the outside of the plug.

Rootrainer - How it Works

Plants are also easily extracted from the ‘open books’ without root disturbance providing the perfect plug plants. Rootrainers are well known and well loved by horticulturalists, commercial growers and all the best gardeners.

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